Building Inclusive Brands and Services

In 2020, WBA stated its commitment to supporting social justice and championing the health and wellness of everyone equally and equitably. We knew that for our message to have real meaning, we must take swift and purposeful action. We launched an effort to listen, learn and act. Since that moment, we have been walking the talk, from our efforts to increase access to COVID-19 testing and vaccine administration in underserved communities to our supplier diversity program to responding to the beauty needs of our Black, Hispanic and Asian customers.

We recognize that to be a trusted retail pharmacy, we must remain relevant to the customers in each of our communities and stock products that meet their unique needs. Great examples of this are the expanded product ranges on our shelves for As I AM follow link to learn more about As I AM, will open in new tab , The Doux follow link to learn more about The Doux, will open in new tab , and Shea Moisture follow link to learn more about Shea Moisture, will open in new tab . Not only have we increased our product range, but we have moved these brands to a more visible and easily accessible space. Last year, our textured hair care business grew 14 percent year to date versus the prior year, and this year, we are introducing even more textured hair care brands. And we have been taking a long, hard look at our own brands, with No7 completing a full audit. We are altering the way we research and test our products, increasing our shade ranges and adapting our marketing campaigns to better serve the needs of Black and Brown communities.

Further, to ensure a customer voice and support our team of in-store beauty advisors, we also established the No7 DE&I Advisory Board: a diverse group of beauty advisors who come together to share feedback, experiences and ideas on how we can continue to hold ourselves accountable for an inclusive customer experience.

We are a global leader in retail pharmacy, touching millions of lives every day. We know that we have a platform to influence others and, with it, a responsibility to stand up and speak up for change. As we always have, today we’re doing what great brands and great companies do: we’re going after tough problems and using our scale and resources to drive change for the better.

Serving Our Diverse Communities

As a global, pharmacy-led healthcare company, we are committed to helping ensure the safety and well-being of our team members, customers and patients around the world. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we provided trusted advice and health expertise, worked to ensure access to testing and vaccines, especially in underserved communities. We took an early and firm stand on the issue of healthcare inequities, working to ensure access for our most vulnerable through community, not-for-profit, and civic partnerships, education and transportation.

Throughout it all, our team members provided – and continue to provide – essential services on the frontlines of COVID-19, making the safety and well-being of our customers and patients a top priority.

Living Our Purpose

With no playbook or rules of engagement, we relied on our purpose “to help people across the world lead healthier and happier lives” to guide our way through the devastating COVID-19 pandemic. Our pharmacies and stores, distribution centers and wholesale operations stayed open worldwide to provide essential healthcare services, medications and consumer goods.

From the start, we collaborated with government and industry partners to implement COVID-19 testing sites to serve our millions of customers and patients around the world, placing a special emphasis on ensuring that the most vulnerable in our communities had access to services and quality care. More than 70 percent of our Walgreens COVID-19 testing locations operate in underserved areas, based on data from the CDC’s Social Vulnerability Index. Not only did our stores and pharmacies remain open throughout the crisis but Boots also helped with translation and mobile testing in hard-to-reach areas. Additionally, Boots supported the UK’s overall COVID-19 testing program, helping ease pressure on the National Health Service (NHS) and conducting more than 2.1 million tests by the end of December 2020.

The Hygiene Bank & Boots Alliance

Between April and August 2020, Boots UK donated more than half a million products to key CSR partner The Hygiene Bank follow link to learn more about The Hygiene Bank, will open in new tab , a charity that distributes hygiene, beauty and personal care donations for vulnerable people living in poverty. Toiletries and essentials were also donated to NHS workers and patients, including temporary Nightingale Hospitals set up in response to COVID-19 and home healthcare workers.

Maribel Zuniga

Like so many of our pharmacists, store clinicians and personnel, Maribel Zúñiga, a Farmacias Ahumada pharmacist in Santiago, Chile, remained on the front lines to serve our customers and patients throughout the global pandemic. She says that working together through COVID-19 has strengthened her team. “We have had the chance to get to know each other more at a personal level. We make sure to ask each other how we are feeling every day, what we need and how we can support each other in order to be physically and psychologically well. Together, we look after our customers. We advise them on prevention and make sure they follow the government protocols, just like we do. We are aware that we need to follow the established protocols not only for our ourselves, but also for our families, the people around us and our patients. I know this is my place. The best place in the world with the best team ever, making a difference in people’s lives every day.” Read the full story.follow this link to learn more about this story, will open in new tab.

Encouraging Vaccine Uptake

We knew that Black Americans were contracting the virus and dying from it at a higher rate than any other racial or ethnic group in the U.S. follow link to view source (, will open in new tab but according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, nearly 35 percent of Black Americans follow link to view source (, will open in new tab had no plans to get vaccinated. History tells us that communities of color have reasons to be suspicious and hesitant about vaccinations, including misinformation, unethical experimentation – like the Tuskegee Experiments follow link to learn more about the Tuskegee Experiments, will open in new tab – as well as racial and social injustice. To make headway in rebuilding trust, we began by partnering with trusted community organizations to deliver vaccine education in various formats to ensure that members of Black communities had the information they needed to make informed decisions.

We also leaned on our pharmacists in Walgreens, the biggest and best resource we have to help engage with Black communities. We have more than 85,000 healthcare service providers throughout the United States, including pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, nurse practitioners and other health-related professionals. That’s critical, because our pharmacists and technicians are already in these communities, they are trusted by their patients, and they look like them. Approximately 78 percent of the U.S. population lives within five miles of a Walgreens or Duane Reade store, so that enables people to engage with a person they already know and trust to provide vaccine information and shots.

To overcome transportation and access barriers, we also announced a partnership follow link to learn more about our partnership with Uber, will open in new tab. with Uber to provide free rides to a Walgreens location for individuals who need to get their vaccination. And we launched the “This is Our Shot” follow link to learn more about “This is Our Shot” campaign, will open in new tab. campaign. Our goal was to remind Americans that the vaccine is the nation’s opportunity to help bring an end to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Walgreens mobile vaccine bus

"Walgreen’s pharmacists are trusted healthcare resources in the communities they serve and can help build trust in the vaccine… to encourage everyone to get the COVID-19 vaccine once eligible.”

- Patrick McLean, Senior Vice President

and Chief Marketing Officer, Walgreens

Bringing Vaccinations to Some of the Most Hesitant Communities

From the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, WBA sought to ensure the equitable distribution of testing and vaccination. That commitment continues today with mobile clinics and vaccination hubs aimed at vaccinating more people in the most underserved and hesitant communities. In some locations, we’re also partnering with churches and community centers to offer walk-up vaccinations in locations our neighbors trust the most.

Making the Invisible Visible

There is always more to a person than meets the eye. This is especially true for people living with conditions or disabilities that might not be immediately visible. Autism, chronic pain, dementia, and visual or hearing impairments are just a few of the conditions which, although not always obvious, can cause significant challenges during everyday life. WBA makes the COVID-19 vaccination process as easy and as comfortable as possible for everyone coming into any one of our stores by proudly supporting the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower follow link to learn more about Hidden Disabilities Sunflower, will open in new tab.. Helping to make the invisible visible, the Sunflower allows people to discreetly indicate that they have a hidden disability by showing an easily recognizable Sunflower lanyard. As part of the scheme, Boots team members have received special training to ensure they can provide the understanding, patience, and support needed. Team members in our offices, stores and warehouses also benefit from this program and get the support they need from one another.

Hidden disabilities

"The Sunflower is vital in ensuring everyone feels comfortable and supported. Members of the public that have come to us displaying the Sunflower have been grateful that we’re doing our bit to make their experience the best it can be."

- Mae Hughes, Immunization Assistant at Boots Gloucester store.

Empowering All Women

We featured Eva Echo, a transgender woman, in our Boots UK Health & Beauty magazine, which proudly celebrated women from all walks of life. Eva faced a wave of unwarranted, transphobic comments that questioned her inclusion in the article. Without hesitation, Boots stood with the trans community. Taking a zero-tolerance approach to prejudice, Echo’s inclusion was a statement of progress, a lesson in acceptance, and a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

We were so impressed with Eva, we later invited her to join Pete Markey, chief marketing officer at Boots UK and the executive champion of WBA’s Pride Alliance UK business resource group, for a candid discussion on National Transgender Day of Visibility follow link to learn more about National Transgender Day of Visibility, will open in new tab.. They talked about the impact of these comments and why it’s important for all of us to be accepted and valued for who we are.

Lifeline for Victims of Domestic Abuse

The COVID-19 pandemic saw a disturbing increase in cases of domestic violence against women. Now, a domestic abuse victim simply has to say an established code phrase at any Boots UK pharmacy and they will discreetly signal that they need help and access to support.

A trained member of the pharmacy team will then offer a private space where they can ascertain if the victim needs to speak to the police or would like help accessing support services, such as national or local domestic abuse helplines. The code word program complements the domestic abuse charity Hestia’s UK SAYS NO MORE Safe Spaces initiative Follow this link learn more about our Safe Spaces initiative in a new tab by enabling pharmacy staff to offer immediate and emergency assistance. Learn more about how Boots is offering a vital lifeline to domestic abuse victims hereFollow this link to open the WBA article about domestic abuse in a new tab. A very similar program was launched in our Farmacias Ahumada stores in Chile in partnership with the Ministry of Women in Chile to help and support women across the country. The service is very simple: a woman just needs to approach a store attendant and say the appropriate phrase. As soon as she does, a protocol is activated.

Building Brands That Represent Our Customers

To be successful, we must develop a deeper understanding of, and respond to, our Black and minority customers. The racial equity movement put a spotlight on underserved communities, and it helped accelerate our plans to broaden our product categories to meet the needs of all of our customers more effectively.

Unstoppable Together

Earlier this year, we relaunched No7™ Beauty Company Follow this link to learn more about No7™ Beauty Company, will open in a new tab, a consumer-led beauty business creating trusted, affordable beauty brands for every skin type, ethnicity, age, and texture. For 85 years, No7 Beauty Company has been a trailblazer and today is no different. We relaunched the brand with this commitment: beauty is for everyone.

No7 is the first to make confidence-boosting beauty products accessible to all women. Through its Unstoppable Together platform, No7 is committed to supporting and empowering women follow link to learn more about how we are supporting and empowering women, will open in new tab. to live life on their own terms, helping them overcome barriers and dismantling stereotypes that hold them back.

At No7 Beauty Company, DE&I is embedded in everything we do, from the way we research and test products to the color shades we produce to how we advertise the brands. And, with an ethical supplier partnership plan, we are helping small businesses grow and succeed.

Earlier this year, we relaunched No7 Beauty Company

To start, we broadened our testing panels to include more people of color. This gave us a deep understanding of skin types and tones and enabled us to build a more representative and inclusive shade offering, including foundations, concealers, powders, blushers and bronzers. Across the total face category, we are introducing 120 new shades or shade updates to offer a total of 480. We also shifted our naming convention and classification to ensure cultural appropriateness and we used diverse imagery and messaging in our brand relaunch.

No7 x AllBright Academy

No7 has partnered with AllBright follow link to learn more about AllBright, will open in new tab. to create the No7 x AllBright Academy, giving women/No 7 employees exclusive access to bespoke career tools and resources to help support them in their working lives in light of the challenges that COVID-19 has created. Seven Academy short course sessions have been created to date. Alongside our partner The Female Lead follow link to learn more about The Female Lead, will open in new tab., we host events on LinkedIn Live. Our first event covered our joint research findings and the No7 x AllBright Academy course content. More recently, we hosted “Making the Menopause Mainstream.”

To celebrate the relaunch of No7 Beauty Company, we also released our first ever “Beautifully Informed” follow link to learn more about “Beautifully Informed” report, will open in new tab. report. We used this forum to share the insights we gathered into the evolving role that beauty brands play and why beauty matters; today’s beauty customers and their shopping behaviors; and tomorrow’s trends and drivers predicted to shape the industry.

This is just the beginning. We will continue listening and applying what we learn to our skin care lines and other products until all of our brands are authentically diverse and truly representative of the communities we serve.

Championing Self-Expression

Sleek MakeUP™ follow link to learn more about Sleek MakeUP™, will open in new tab. believes everyone has the right to be seen, heard and felt exactly as they choose to be. To celebrate the relaunch of their 13-year-old iconic i-Divine eyeshadow palette range, Sleek MakeUP released a new press campaign film titled I Am Divine. follow link to watch the file I Am Divine, will open in new tab.

Directed by filmmaker Otis Dominique, I Am Divine showcases British changemakers such as Vogue journalist and author Yomi Adegoke; creative, writer, performer and LGBTQ+ advocate Darkwah Keyi-Darkwah; and financial wellness coach Bola Sol.

They candidly discuss the role makeup plays in their own individualism and how self-care has driven meaningful change to them and their communities. This campaign marks the brand’s wider commitment to using its communications channels to reach and recognize all the different people and communities it serves.

Sleek MakeUP believes everyone has the right to be seen, heard and felt exactly as they choose to be.
Yomi Adegoke, Journalist and Author.
Marketing for Change

Formed last year, Marketing for Change is a team of global diverse marketers working together to ensure that diversity, equity and inclusion are at the center of our marketing efforts. To inform their approach, the group held listening tours with more than 500 marketing team members around the world. Based on feedback from these sessions, the team partnered with an outside market research consultant and Black-consumer subject matter expert to educate our marketing team about this segment’s shopping behaviors and experiences. The insights were used to inform marketing audits in beauty and upcoming audits in other areas across WBA.

Sleek MakeUP brand's Level Up Campaign
Leveling Up with Sleek MakeUP

Our Sleek MakeUP brand’s Level Up campaign follow link to learn more about the Level Up campaign, will open in new tab. celebrates and supports talented women with diverse experiences, backgrounds and cultures. Sleek MakeUP recognizes that going it alone isn’t an option – they are giving women a platform to help them become a true boss.

Educating About the Science Behind Beauty

No7 has just released its first video in partnership with the British Beauty Council follow link to learn more about the British Beauty Council, will open in new tab. The Beauty in Science film provides a glimpse behind the No7 laboratory doors, emphasizing the crucial role that science and scientists play in driving the beauty industry forward. The hope is that it will encourage a richly diverse new cohort of scientists to consider taking up rewarding careers in the beauty sector.

No7 Beauty Company also launched an industry-leading beauty advisor training program called Skin School, developed by the Global Beauty Academy in partnership with The University of Manchester follow link to learn more about The University of Manchester, will open in new tab. and endorsed by the Confederation of International Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology (BABTAC follow link to learn more about BABTAX, will open in new tab. & CIBTAC follow link to learn more about CIBTAC, will open in new tab.). Reflecting No7 Beauty Company’s commitment to making beauty accessible and affordable for everyone, the comprehensive training program has been created to ensure that No7 and Liz Earle™ beauty advisors have a uniquely rich and deep understanding of skin’s physiology and the needs of all skin types, regardless of age, ethnicity and differing skin concerns.

They will be equipped to provide scientifically based, personalized advice for customers to ensure their individual skin and beauty needs are answered. The ground-breaking training program takes 9-12 months to complete and has been made available to No7 and Liz Earle Boots-based beauty advisors in the UK as of May 2021 and will start in the U.S. in 2022.

Bringing Together Diverse Customers and Suppliers

For the last seven years, Walgreens has proudly sponsored the Black Women’s Expo (BWe) follow link to learn more about the Black Women’s Expo, will open in new tab., an annual weekend-long empowerment event focused on lifestyle, beauty, entertainment, and culture. As the nation’s longest-running, most-respected, intergenerational exposition targeting Black women and their families, attendees gather to share ideas, grow their businesses, and hear directly from corporate brands. In 2021, the event featured more than 400 exhibitors, national and local performers, panel discussions, 40 different seminars, and much more.

As a key corporate sponsor of BWe 2021, Walgreens hosted a booth staffed by dozens of team members, including participants from our African American Leadership business resource group. We showcased our diverse line of beauty brands and shared samples and giveaways. We also gave visitors the chance to learn more about our Boots’ flagship premium No7 Beauty Company skincare and cosmetics lines. In addition, as part of our commitment to investing in minority-owned businesses, we welcomed one of our Black-owned and women- owned suppliers to join us in our booth during BWe, Ms. Jetsetter follow link to learn more about Ms. Jetsetter, will open in new tab.. This is a part of our ongoing efforts to increase business opportunities for our diverse partners and introduce our customers to a broader range of products that meet their needs. Throughout BWe, we partnered with other healthcare entities to offer COVID-19 vaccines. We also offered flu vaccines, blood pressure screenings, and bone density scans.

Building Relationships With Diverse Suppliers

At WBA, we’re not only striving to ensure that our products and services reflect the diversity of the communities around us, but we want to support diverse suppliers. More than just talk, we have a straightforward program and firm commitment. At WBA, supplier diversity is an integrated business practice. We proactively procure relevant products and services from diverse-owned and small businesses that mirror the diversity of the communities in which we operate.

  • We measure current diversity spend by looking at our overall spending and the availability of goods and services from diverse-owned and small businesses.

  • We encourage all team members and business leaders with purchasing authority and decision influence to consider diverse and small businesses in contract opportunities.

  • We encourage our prime (Tier 1) suppliers to establish supplier diversity programs and increase their utilization of diverse suppliers in their respective supply chains, providing additional opportunities for growth and economic development.

Expanding Our Relationships with Diverse Suppliers

Our commitment to supplier diversity began with a formal policy written by Charles Walgreen III in 1994 encouraging utilization of minority-owned and women-owned businesses. In 2007, we established a Supplier Diversity Department to advance our efforts. In 2021, WBA is proud to announce that now we’re expanding this commitment internationally with Boots UK. Our goal is to create equitable opportunities for diverse suppliers ultimately driving economic impact in the communities WBA serves.

“At WBA, we strive every day to help consumers around the world lead happier and healthier lives. Meeting these diverse needs relies on us championing inclusivity and diversity not only in how we work internally, but also critically, how we build powerful partnerships with a wide breadth of suppliers, allowing us to bring diverse brands and products to our customers everywhere.”

- Annie Murphy, Senior Vice President, Global Chief Commercial Brands Officer and International Retail, WBA and Global Executive Sponsor of WBA's Supplier Diversity Program

During fiscal year 2020, Walgreens engaged with or purchased from more than 2,100 diverse and small businesses in the U.S. These organizations continue to bring diverse and innovative ideas that support the overall partnership. In fiscal 2020, Walgreens purchases with diverse and small suppliers were more than $1.5 billion, including both Tier I and Tier II spend.

For fiscal 2021, we set a goal to drive even more engagement and spend with diverse and small suppliers. As of July 15, 2021, we are on track to achieve that goal, demonstrating WBA’s commitment to practicing inclusive sourcing and creating equitable opportunities for diverse and small businesses.

Spotlight: Healthtex

Natty Elias started her retail distribution business in and around Miami, supplying Latino-owned mom-and-pop stores with lotions and fragrances from a single baby care brand, Para Mi Bebe. Today, Healthtex provides hundreds of fiercely loved products to about 6,000 small and large retailers throughout Florida - including Walgreens, which in turn has made some of those products available in hundreds of stores in other states. What makes Healthtex unique is the emphasis Natty places on understanding the communities she serves and identifying the products they want. “These are brands that many of our Hispanic customers grew up with, which their moms and grandmothers have used and recommend,” said Beverly Lugo, category manager for multicultural goods, Walgreens. The most popular item Healthtex supplies to Walgreens is Dr. Sana camphor cubes for respiratory congestion, followed by Dr. Sana sodium bicarbonate powder – a heartburn remedy. But recently, something else cracked the top spots in Florida, appealing well beyond the Latino communities. Shortly after the coronavirus pandemic began, retailers were hit by a thermometer shortage. Enter Healthtex, which already was cleared by the FDA to import medical devices and had a contact in China that manufactured high-quality thermometers.

“When we didn’t have any thermometers in our South Florida stores at the end of May and beginning of June, we were able to bring those in through Healthtex. That’s the kind of partner they are. There was a need in the community, and they came to us, and we were able to get it executed.”

- Jeff Rubin, Regional Merchandise Manager, Walgreens, South Florida

In 2020, we spent $307.4 million with diverse suppliers in retail products. A great example is our partnership with KISS®, a supplier of beauty products, including lashes and nails.
Expanding Brands and Building Visibility

We must partner with diverse suppliers to stock the most relevant products in each store and online to best serve the needs of our customers in local communities. In 2020, we spent over $300 million with diverse suppliers in retail products. A great example is our partnership with KISS, a certified diverse supplier of beauty products, including lashes and nails. They’re currently growing at 32 percent versus the prior year by increasing the KISS assortment we offer and putting the brand in more stores. Further, we gave them more space for products that are selling really well. Today, they are our fastest-growing diverse supplier in Walgreens and one of our top growth beauty brands in total.

Leveling the Playing Field for Small, Minority-Owned Businesses

In partnership with the Women’s Business Development Center (WBDC) in Chicago, Ill., Walgreens continues to sponsor the Top Shelf capacity building program. The eight-week program helps minority-owned businesses learn how to partner with large retailers, such as Walgreens, and build their capacity to supply those retailers. Participants learn best practices in a range of critical areas, including risk mitigation, distribution and contracting. In the fall of 2020, 25 participants graduated from the program and to date, more than 60 diverse-owned businesses have graduated from the program overall. WBA’s supplier diversity efforts are helping a growing number of minority-owned and other diverse companies serve our stores and operations – and, in the process, grow their businesses and workforce.

Georgia K. Marsh, Chief Development Officer, Women's Business Development Center
Georgia K. Marsh, Chief Development Officer
Women’s Business Development Center

“The Women’s Business Development Center (WBDC) follow link to learn more about the Women’s Business Development Center (WBDC), will open in new tab. is proud to partner with Walgreens to deliver the Top Shelf program, cohort-based learning which prepares diverse business owners to do business with retail corporations. A successful partnership is based on mutual understanding, trust and common goals. Working together, Walgreens and the WBDC have been successful in removing some of the barriers diverse entrepreneurs face when competing in the marketplace. The WBDC commends Walgreens for its demonstrated involvement and ongoing commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion and its support of programs targeted at full participation of diverse entrepreneurs in the economy.”

Jet-setting Away

Tracey McGhee, owner of Ms. Jetsetterfollow link to learn more about Ms. Jetsetter, will open in new tab. and a Top Shelf graduate, exemplifies the impact of the Top Shelf program. As a client of the Chicago-based Women’s Business Development Center (WBDC) follow link to learn more about the Women’s Business Development Center (WBDC), will open in new tab., Tracey was just beginning her business when she asked her WBDC coach for guidance and that’s when she was referred to Top Shelf. After undergoing the training, she was at last well on her way to achieving her dream of seeing her products in a retail store. But COVID-19 had other plans. “By the spring of 2020, I knew there was no way I was going to be able to survive with a travel accessory line,” McGhee remembers. “But I was lucky to have my Top Shelf training, and my coach at WBDC who encouraged me to think creatively. Everyone was pivoting, so I did, too.” McGhee’s pivot came in the form of a wristlet set, similar to one of her original travel bag ideas, but with an added (and timely) twist: a fashionable face mask and chain. Read the full story herefollow this link to open Tracy McGee article, will open in a new tab.

Championing Our Diverse Partners

In July of 2020, we launched a Supplier Diversity Ambassador program with 39 individuals from across Walgreens to infuse our DE&I efforts throughout our retail business activities. Our Ambassadors are helping as facilitators, educators, motivators and champions to ensure we’re using inclusive sourcing practices, building a supplier base that reflects our customers and the communities we serve, and offering a diverse product assortment. Our partnership with RangeMe, a product discovery and sourcing platform, has helped our Merchants identify diverse suppliers and products that our customers and patients want and need.

Lauren Brindley, Group Vice President Beauty and Personal Care, Walgreens
Lauren Brindley, Group Vice President
Beauty and Personal Care, Walgreens

“Our ambassadors support our DE&I agenda across the whole of our retail products business. They become our cultural advocates in every area of our business, from our supply chain to our brands to merchandising. And they ensure that we are living up to our values, that we’re delivering on our goals and most importantly that we’re delighting our customers.”

Robie Kimmey, Senior Category Manager, Grocery & a Supplier Diversity Ambassador
Robie Kimmey, Senior Category Manager
Grocery and a Supplier Diversity Ambassador

“We’re really excited to introduce BLK & Bold follow link to learn more about BLK & Bold , will open in new tab. into our coffee assortment during summer 2021 in about 2,500 Walgreens locations. BLK & Bold began about three years ago and has quickly grown into a premium brand of coffee available in multiple retailers. They are the first and only Black-owned and operated national coffee company and they donate 5 percent of their proceeds to support local and national at-risk youth populations. We will be the only drug retailer carrying these products at the outset and we are excited to see how they perform!”